Julius Caesar Cause and Effect Essay

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Kaya Lawrance
Mrs. Ham
Honors English 2
March 7th, 2012
Julius Caesar Cause and Effect Essay:

A Leader's Fateful Decision:

Decisions. Decisions are what make the world go round. Without them, time would be frozen, never moving forward. They are the choices people make that determine our future. Some decisions are hard, some are easy. But, no matter what decisions are made, they will always end with the same result: an effect. So, it's important that people go through the decision making process to eventually come to a final choice. Everyone has to make many decisions every day that affect our lives. Julius Caesar also had to make many decisions that had substantial results. But, only one of his decisions stood out from all the others. Only one decision would determine his rue fate. This essay will talk about the causes and effects of Julius Caesar's significant decision to be present at the Senate meeting or not. This determines his tragic fate in a matter of life or death.

Caesar had to make the fateful decision of going to the Senate meeting or not. Although almost every sign warns him against going to the meeting, he makes the stubborn decision to go anyways, which eventually leads to his violent, timeless death. This decision has many powerful effects on the people, the conspirators, and Rome. But, it also has many causes or events that led up to it. So, some questions come up: Do the events that led up to Caesar's decision overweigh the effects of his choice? Or vice versa? The main question is: which choice is the better choice?

Causes: There are many causes of Caesar's final decision. Many of these causes, though, may be better identified as warnings or signs against his attendance at the Senate meeting. At the beginning of the book, Caesar appears at a race in which he is confronted by a Soothsayer telling him, "Beware of the Ides of March."(1.2.21) He thinks nothing of it and tells the Soothsayer to move on....
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