Julius Caesar Argument Paragraph

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  • Published : November 11, 2008
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Argument Paragraph 2

Decius convinces Caesar to come to the senate, by telling Caesar that the dream was noble not a tragedy. As Calphurnia has a dream of what she thinks is horrible, Decius convinces Caesar that the dream was all a misinterpretation, it was a dream of how noble Caesar is, not tragic. The ides of March has come, and Calphurnia has a dream of what she thinks is tragic. Caesar tells Decius what happens and that he will be staying home Act 2 Scene 2 Line 76-82 “She dreamt tonight she saw my statue, Which, like a fountain with an hundred spouts, Did run pure blood; and many lusty Romans Came smiling, and did bathe there hands in it; and on her knee hath begg'd that I will stay at home today.” The quatation is the explination of the dream Calphurnia had, as told by Caeser to Decius. Decius trys to say that this was a noble dream not a tragic one. The dream the Calphurnia had, she thought it was a dream of hate towards Caesar. Instead Decius changed the story and said it wasn't a tragedy about Caesar, it was a noble dream of victory for Caesar. Decius is one of the one of the murderers of Caesar and that's the reason why he changed the dream to something that Caesar would enjoy hearing, and maybe even change his mind Act 2 Scene 2 Line 83-90 “This dream is amiss interpreted; It was a vision fair and fortunate... Signifies that from you great Rome shall suck reviving blood, and that great men shall press... This by Calphurnia's dream is signified.” That quatation dignifys that Decius needs Caesar to come to the senate house or else the murder will never happen. Decius lures him in with great ease on his part, all he did was change the way the dream Calphurnia had into something nobler then what she thought of it. If Caesar chose not to go to the Senate house, then none of this would have happened until they planned another attack. Caesar is convinced to come to the Senate, by the way Decius changed the dream into something noble towards...
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