Julius Caesar and the Queen - Conflicting Perspectives Essay

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  • Published : June 22, 2012
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An individual is seen as the dominant power in society, often associated with politics and official leaders. The ability to influence others comes from power and status. In some instances the people of power have opposing views and conflict presents itself. Conflicting perspectives comprise a variety of issues of consequence relating to both society and the individual. For characters in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Stephen Frears’ film The Queen, the point of view of two individuals influences the perspectives within society.

Power can be used to sway people’s attitudes and opinions. Often people can be steered in different directions by different people. In Julius Caesar the crowd, or mob of citizens, seem to have no direct purpose in the play. Brutus easily manipulates their thoughts of Caesar before and at the time of his death. At the funeral of Caesar the crowd initially agree with Brutus’ perspectives on Caesar. In Act 3, Scene 2, one citizen calls out “Let him (Brutus) be Caesar.” They continue to call out to Brutus in favour of his actions. However, when Antony arrives their position changes. When Antony speaks and suddenly Caesar is noble and the crowd swear revenge on the assassinators. Antony is able to sway the crowd with his persuasive and emotive speech where he begins by describing Brutus as ‘honourable’ and ‘noble’. His use of repetition creates a reflective mood and is used to emphasise his thoughts of Caesar. He then goes on to recall Caesar’s great qualities and thus begins to turn the crowd. This conflict between powerful figures in society is projected in society in a controlling way.

The interpersonal conflicting perspectives in Julius Caesar are conveyed in the language and action of the characters. Status also plays an important part in the manipulation and gaining of character’s trust. For instance Cassius has great power over the other conspirators and easily manipulates them into doing his bidding. He is able to convince...
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