Julius Caesar

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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It is not easy for one to just become a great leader; leaders have to be born with the intuition, drive, and other qualities to lead others. Throughout history, many influential leaders have emerged and have lead people to both greatness and defeat. In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, Brutus, one of the main conspirators against Caesar, exhibits many qualities that make him a good leader. A few of these qualities include: humility, the ability to listen well to the people of Rome, and intelligence. Out of the many qualities a leader can have, humility is a necessity amoung great leaders.

People with humility, like Brutus, often turn out to be great leaders. It is important for a leader to be humble and to realize that they are not superior to everyone else. If a person is humble, he is more likely to pay attention to the needs and ideas of others, therefore making him a great leader. For example, Brutus is widely respected throughout Rome, but he is not aware of how much the people love him. While talking to Brutus, Cassius says, "That you have no such mirrors as will turn your hidden worthiness into your eye," (I.ii.56-57). In this quote, Cassius is saying that Brutus can not see what everyone else does, which is the fact the Brutus is so widely respected. Because Brutus is so humble, he will always do the best he can for the people of Rome, making him a terrific leader. Brutus' humility plays into his ability to listen well to others, which is another characteristic that proves Brutus' great leadership abilities.

Because Brutus listens well to the people of Rome, he serves as a great leader. In order for a leader to lead his or her people in the right direction, they should to be aware of the people's needs. Like Brutus, the leader also needs to constantly be trying to do what is best for the people. For example, Cassius decides to forge letters from the people of Rome and put them in Brutus' window, knowing that Brutus...
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