Julius Caesar

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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A perspective is a representation of a particular event, situation or personality formulated due to varying ideologies prevalent within a particular time period. As such we see, persuasive texts endeavor to utilise the fears within our context, in order to instigate an emotive response through the use of manipulative language, which ultimately leads to the infiltration of our psyche. This is prevalent within Shakespeare’s historical tragedy Julius Caesar, the October 2001 TIME magazine article, “The Manhunt Goes Global” composed by John Cloud et al, in addition with Michael Moore’s 2004 scathing documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11. As a result of their times of composition, we see conflicting perspectives concerning the fear of tyranny arising within these texts. This tyranny for a contemporary audience may be the rise of terrorism induced by 9/11, hence leading to dichotomous views as to the responsibility of these attacks. Through the use of rhetoric and persuasive language within the texts the composers utilise the fear of tyranny to shape the response of an internal and external audience. Through the funeral orations, Brutus, a stoic character uses syllogism in “There is tears for his love…honour for his valor and death for his ambition” to reinforce the concern of dictatorship predominant within the Roman context of the play by compelling the Plebeians of the righteousness of the assassination. Similarly, this notion of the fear of tyranny is implied in the TIME magazine article, “The Manhunt Goes Global” .The written medium of production as well as the form of a magazine article characterises the use of a subjective tone in order to appeal to the informed and educated audience, “In fact…that French antiterrorist officials have taken to calling the city Londonistan.” The use of neologism ‘Londonistan’ may perhaps suggest the composer’s purpose to affirm the involvement of Al Qaeda through the deliberate manipulation of the motivations within the audience....
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