Julius Caesar

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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The Roman Republic was once a strong civilization. The Romans were once known as the Latins who settled along the Tiber River. They were conquered by people known as the Etruscans. The Etruscans treated the Latins harshly and then the Latins revolted. The Latins took over the Etruscans and changed their name from Latin to Roman. The Romans began to gain power that lasted for over 500 years. After about 500 years later, a man by the name of Julius Caesar helped to conquer some of their biggest enemies. Julius Caesar was good for Ancient Rome.

In this time of Roman Republic history, they had an assembly, compromised of plebeians and patricians, a senate, compromised of patricians, and a consul. Julius Caesar, a military general, led the attack and victory on Gaul and Britannia. Julius Caesar did many good things for Ancient Rome. One, he expanded the size of the Roman “Empire”, he redid the unfair taxation system, tried to clean up corruption in Republic system, and created jobs opportunities through building projects. He also created a calendar that is what our current calendar is based on. Some negatives that came from Julius Caesar were that he started the civil war against Rome by defying direct orders from his supervisor. By having this civil war, it shows how much the army is loyal to their society and how much more they are loyal to the one who signs their pay check. Julius Caesar also tried to end the Republic which was a 500 year old system.

The issue of the good things outweighs the issue of the bad things because Julius Caesar changed Roman history. Some people do not think that Julius Caesar did a good thing for Rome but with these things he did. First, he expanded the size of Rome by conquering enemies. Second, he was able to defeat Rome’s scary enemy which was the Gauls. Third, he created a new taxation system for Rome. Lastly, he created job opportunities and tried to clean up the corruption within the Republic system. So...
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