Julius Caesar

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Julius Ceasar: 1953 vs. 1970

Julius Ceasar is a tragedy by William Shakespeare that is believed to have been written in 1599. It portrays the conspiracy against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar, his struggle between the demands of patriotism, honor, and friendship, and his assassination. It is one of several Roman plays that Shakespeare wrote that are based on true events from Roman history. After watching two films about Julius Ceasar, one made in 1953 and one made in 1970, I personally believe that the 1970 version best meets my own mental idea of the play.

In the 1953 version of Julius Ceasar, it wasn’t what I expected when it came to costume design, set design, and casting director. The costume design in the movie was very plain. Every character looked so much alike when it came to what they wore. All of them had a toga on; the only difference was that the plebeians wore a cheap-looking, dirty toga, while the patricians wore an expensive-looking, clean toga. The set design mainly took place in a public area. There wasn’t a huge difference when it came to where the characters had to portray their role. During the storm scene, I thought the “storm” looked unreal. It felt like someone spraying water onto the characters. Also, the casting director didn’t do an amazing job when it came to picking who would portray the characters. In my opinion, I thought the actors/actresses didn’t fit their role perfectly. Brutus didn’t look mean enough and Ceasar look confused half the time.

In the 1970 version of Julius Ceasar, it was surprisingly how I imagined it would be when it came to costume design, set design, and casting director. The costume design did look a little similar to the 1953 version, but it had a few differences. For example, the patricians wore a clean toga with slippers and some accessories, while the plebeians wore a dirty toga and most of them were barefoot. The set design took place in a public area, Brutus’ house, and a castle. It had more...
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