Julius Caesar

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Julius Caesar

I’m writing my composition about which two characters in Julius Caesar are most alike and which two are opposite. I think Brutus and Cassius are the most alike. Caesar and Antony are the most opposite.

Brutus being the one who supports the government thinks Rome would be better off if Caesar was dead. Brutus fears the fact that Caesar is in the position of dictatorship. Cassius the talented general hates the fact that everyone in Rome sees Caesar as godlike. Cassius soon tries to lead Brutus to believe Caesar must be dead. Brutus and Cassius are alike because they both are jealous of the power Caesar potentially has if he wanted it. They envy how the romans worship Caesar. Another quality they have in common is they both plan to kill Caesar but Cassius is the one that actually succeeds.

Now for the two that are opposite, Caesar and Antony. Caesar a great roman loved by many was offered the crown three times on the lupercal but refused every time. Caesar has no intent in becoming king. Caesar also chooses to ignore the death threats against him by the conspirators. Antony a friend of Caesar was loved by many people also, he was the one who offered Caesar the crown but was rejected. Antony wrote a speech after Caesar’s death and spoke at his funeral. Soon after he joined Brutus and the conspirators in a battle against Cassius. Caesar and Antony are alike because they are both liked by many romans but I believe there opposite because Caesar ignores his death threats and Antony recognizes them.

In the end of Julius Caesar after Cassius is killed, Caesars ghost appears to Brutus and Brutus can’t take it anymore, he begins to feel guilty about Caesars death and decides to kill himself by running onto one of his soldier’s sword. In the end Antony shocks everyone by saying a nice speech about Brutus, stating that Brutus is an honorable man.

I wrote my composition to show you how the characters in Julius Caesar are alike and opposite. I also...
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