Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare an English dramatist and playwright was born in 1562. One of the master pieces of Shakespeare why all this 57 plays are masterpieces. The assassination of the Roman Emperor Caesar by conspirators. The funeral oration of Antony is a classical one. It is often compared to the speech made by Portia in the play, “The Merchant of Venice”. Justification of Brutus:-

Marcus Brutus was one of the conmen of Julius Caesar. He was Julius Caesar’s Angel. After assassinating Julius Caesar. Brutus spoke to the people. He tried to justify the reasons for killing Caesar. Caesar’s victories over pompay’s sons came to his head and that would make him an arrogant dictator. He would enslave the people of Rome.

Though his love for Caesar was extreme and deep his love for Rome was more than his love for Caesar.

So he says he killed Caesar to save Rome. Thus Brutus justified his action of killing Caesar. Indeed Brutus had been the angel of Caesar but patriotum was more pronounced in his heart than his beloved friendship. He says in a disappointment manner. Antony’s Justification:-

Antony comes to speak in front of the Roman people. He does not blame anybody. He says his main aim is not to praise Caesar but to bury him. He starts politely.

Throughout the speech, Antony is purely, humble. He praises Caesar. Brutus and others as “honourable men.” Antony points out the following to prove that Caesar was not ambitious. He says that was rewarded a crown at Lupercal which he did refuse. Once, twice… but… thrice, Antony says,

Caesar was very kind hearted. Such a man could not be ambitious for

He asks gently,

Exemplary ironic speech of Antony:-
Antony frequently says,

“But every time he says so; it is followed by a...
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