Julius Caesar

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Julius Caesar ruled Rome officially for only a few days. What went so wrong that he needed to be killed after a few days? Muammar Gaddafi was in office for thirty-two years as dictator of Libya, despite the state’s denial of him holding any power. While Caesar was killed relatively early in his time compared to Gaddafi, both groups had their reasons for the assassinations. Cassius and his conspirators were afraid and acted based on what was to come from Caesar’s ambition. The National Transitional Council (NTC) was the group created during the Libyan Civil War to oppose Gaddafi’s regime. They overthrew Gaddafi for fears of his leadership, corruption, human rights violations. Cassius and his conspirators killed Caesar in the Theatre of Pompey on the fifteenth of March, 44 B.C. Members of the National Transitional Council killed Gaddafi in Sirte, Libya, on the twentieth of October, 2011. Cassius formed his group of approximately sixty members mainly from Rome’s senate. They called themselves the ‘Liberators’. The National Transitional Council was formed on the twenty-seventh of February, 2011, to act as “the political face of the revolution”, and it consisted of anti-Gaddafi forces. It was established after the first revolts against the Gaddafi government. After the overthrow they aim to hold free and fair elections, draft a national constitution, form political and civil institutions, and protect human rights. They also emphasize their rejection of racism, intolerance, discrimination, and terrorism. The conspirators for Caesar’s assassination were secretive, and not a public issue like the National Transitional Council until they announced Caesar’s assassination shortly after. The conspirators were unable to defend the honour of their deed, while the people of Libya had joined behind the National Transitional Council before the revolution was successful. The revolts leading to the forming of the National Transitional Council were inspired by the overturning of...
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