Julie's Biscuit

Topics: Malaysia, Johor, Peanut butter Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: October 20, 2012

Perfect Food was established in 1981 in Alor Gajah, Melaka. The factory back then was small, operating a single oven line. In early 1984, two brothers, Sai Ah Sai and Sai Chin Hock, were invited to take over the factory as major shareholders. Sai Chin Hock's vision played an important role in the development of the company. He purchased a second oven line in 1989, a third in 1991 and a fourth in 2004. Before the participation of the Sai brothers, the company's biscuits were marketed through wholesalers. In 1985, Markins Corporation was appointed the sole distributor in the state of Johor. Gradually, over a period of six years, Markins grew and expanded to eight branches throughout peninsular Malaysia.

In the first few years of Perfect Food's operations, it sold biscuits with no brand name other than the company's own. Then in 1987, Perfect Food began to market its biscuits under the brand name "Julie's". As a relatively new biscuit manufacturer, Perfect Food faced some resistance from supermarkets in carrying its products. However through persistence and constant sampling exercises with the now popular Peanut Butter Sandwich, Julie's earned its first supermarket entry at Pakson Grand, Johor Bahru in 1988. The following year, Julie's Love Letters (wafer rolls) gained popularity (also through regular sampling exercises) and soon made their way to become the most sought-after biscuits during festive seasons, particularly Chinese New Year.

To expand the opportunity of widening its brand presence in European markets and Wal-Mart outlets, Perfect Food underwent further factory upgrading in late 2005 and was awarded the British Retail Consortium food standard certification in June 2006. Also, in early 2006, Perfect Food was awarded the Industry Excellence Award 2005 by the Ministry of International Trades and Industries.

In 2003, Markins revamped its distribution network and reduced to six branches. By then it had covered more than 10,000 outlets of...
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