Julian Assange: Hero or Terrorist?

Topics: Federal government of the United States, United States Congress, U.S. state Pages: 5 (1608 words) Published: November 16, 2012
I. Introduction

1. Attention Getter: George Orwell once said,” Political Language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” 2. Bond: Link to Audience: It’s easy to take our 1st amendment rights for granted but imagine if we didn’t have them anymore. Can you imagine living in an America where it’s considered treason to say what you think and to tell the world what you know? Well, that is what the current battle between our government and Julian Assange is about. 3.”Credentials” of speaker: I have been following the developing story of Julian Assange for the last 3 years. So, it’s fair to say that I know a little bit about him. 4. Thesis: My research leads me to believe that Julian Assange should be afforded the same rights as every other journalist. 5. Speech Preview: First, I’m going to talk about the global smear campaign against Julian Assange. After that, I’m going to talk about the violations that the U.S. is posing to his human rights. Finally, I am going to talk about what America is going to look like if we don’t have our rights anymore. 6. Transition: But let’s start with the smears that have been dealt to Julian Assange.

II. Body

1. Main Point #1:
a. State Point 1: A global smear campaign is going on right this moment against Julian Assange. b. Argument: Some are saying that he is a woman raping terrorist. c. Proof: In an article by BBC News, Julian Assange said he believes that currently there is a global smear campaign to make him look disreputable and crazy. I read in an eBook called, Assange Agonistes that Nick Davies, a journalist for the New York Times, said that America’s preferred method of control is through Media management. He also said that the American government is,” the biggest media manipulation machine in the history of mankind.” I think that this is absolutely true because this isn’t the first time the U.S. government has used smear tactics against someone who stood up against them. I discovered 2 other incidents where our government and a major bank had smeared someone’s name through the use of sexual misconduct charges; the first being Scott Ritter. I watched a video on YouTube by The Young Turks, where they were discussing the allegations that were brought up against Julian Assange. In the video they were talking about how Scott Ritter, a decorated war veteran, who spoke out against the war in Iraq and said that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Soon after Ritter made that statement, alleged sex charges were brought up against him to make him look like a dirty old rapist who would do anything to make our government look bad.

The second case I also discovered was about Elliot Spitzer, who accused the banks of insider trading. Suddenly the North Fork Bank reported to the IRS that Spitzer was using funds to pay for a hooker and sex charges were brought up against him. Due to the media scandal he resigned from his position as Governor of New York because it painted a negative reflection on our government.

d. Give an Example: In an article that I read on Wired.com it talks about a woman that has accused Julian Assange of raping her. In the article it describes the process by which this woman describes her “incident” with Assange. Ms. Anna Ardin said that he pinned her down to the bed when she reached for a condom, but then he consented and put a condom on. According to Ms. Ardin she feels she was raped because the condom broke at some point in time during the act. While I was investigating I found out that she had posted to her blog the “7 steps to get legal revenge.” I personally don’t find her story very credible after reading a translation of her blog. Ms. Ardin is known in Sweden for her feministic views on how men achieve social dominance through sex. The government was anxious to pounce on her accusations of rape even though she is a known feminist with a history of reporting...
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