Julian Assange

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Julian Assange
• Australian editor, activist, political talk show

host, computer programmer, publisher and journalist
• Editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks
• Known as Australia’s most ethical computer hacker
• “Don't damage computer systems you break into; don't
change the information in those systems and share
information“ -- Assange
• Charged with 31 cases of hacking and related crimes


3 July 1971
University of
Melbourne and
University of
Canberra’ 2002-05

Computer Programming
• Started Suburbia Public Access Network, among the first internet service providers in Australia
• Wrote Strobe, the first free and open source port scanner • Claimed to have found a new patent relating to the US National Security Agency's technology for monitoring callsx
• Amnesty International Media Award’2009
• Readers' Choice for TIME Magazine's Person of the Year’2010 • Sydney Peace Foundation gold medal ‘2011
• Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism’2011
• Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize’2011

Julian Assange
• Advocated a transparent and scientific approach to journalism

• WikiLeaks released more classified documents than the rest of the world press combined "That's not something I say as a way of saying how successful we are – rather, that shows you the parlous state of the rest of the media. How is it that a team of five people has managed to release to the public more suppressed information, at that level, than the rest of the world press combined? It's disgraceful.“ –Assange

"Australia's most infamous former computer hacker”
-- Counter Punch
“One of the most intriguing people in the world" and "internet's freedom fighter” -- The Age

About WikiLeaks

Officially launched in 2007, a Not-for-profit media
Co-operates with media organizations all around the
Works on the principle of freedom of speech and
media publishing
Inspired by Article 19 of the American constitution,
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and
Journalists analyse, verify and then publish original
source material through its secure and anonymous

About WikiLeaks
• Both news story and original source material published
Analysis • Enables readers to analyse

• Provides high security anonymous drop box which ensures
maximum protection to the sources


• The documents are verified by an in-depth forensic analysis • External verification is also carried out if needed

• Economist Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression award ‘2008 Awards • Amnesty International human rights reporting award’2009

WikiLeaks has released more classified intelligence documents than the rest of the world press combined !!!

Wikileaks and Mainstream Media

A new channel of journalism, a model
that can be replicated

Leaks allowed journalists to analyse and
offer insight without fear of infringement of
rights, laws or reprisals
The release of secrets by WikiLeaks led
many news outlets to coordinate stories at
Leaks were published in The Hindu news
paper under a tie up in India

The WikiLeaks /
Mainstream Media Model

A new media model for the developing world!

Media Associations

Partnered with newspapers like New York Times, The Guardian, LeMonde, El Pais and Der Spiegel
Guardian writers highlighted minor eccentricities of behaviour and appearance to depict him as a somewhat ridiculous figure. Blamed western media as liars
Newspapers broke agreements
– Edited two thirds of the document released to the public – Hid corruption information about government in Bulgaria
Associated with Russia Today as an interviewer
Daniel Domscheit Berg...
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