Julia Alvarez

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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Julia Alvarez is a famous world-wide poet and novelist. She was raised in the Dominican Republic, which is why most of her poems and novels are written in Spanish. One of her most famous novels is called In the time of the Butterflies, which is based on her flee to the United States, from the underground, where the three Mirabel sisters were murdered. The hardships of coming into the country, and without knowing the language is what is said to be the main reason of why she began to start writing. Julia Alvarez is more of a famous author than a poet. Therefore, she doesn’t have very many poetry books, or poems put on the internet. I did find five poems that stuck out to me more than her other ones, though. The first poem is called “Household Riddle”. I despise poetry, but this poem actually got my attention as I was reading it, unlike many other poems. I think this poem is funny because it is mostly talking about the riddle, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” which is a funny little riddle that everyone knows. The second poem that I found is called “Hairwashing”. This poem is about how her mother used to wash her hair when ever she misbehaved, to rinse out all of the bad. I picked to do this poem because I could really picture this happening, and it reminded me of how some mothers would wash their kids’ mouths out with soap. Another poem that I’ve chosen, which is my personal favorite, is called “Against Cinderella”. This poem kind of analyzes the story of Cinderella, and it asks questions that it knows we’ve all been thinking all of these years. One line in the poem says, “I can’t believe only one woman in that town had that size foot, could fit into that shoe.” We all know we’ve wondered this too, but we just always went along with it. I like this poem; it’s cute and funny, and in a way sarcastic. The last two poems I chose are called “Dusting” and “Storm Windows”. The main reason I chose...
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