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Academic Integrity is one of the main issues is going on around college campuses and on the Internet, too. This includes plagiarism, cheating, and copyright infringement. The Internet has made it easier and faster for students and other individuals to get information without getting in trouble for it. Students can go on the Internet and get full term papers free, homework questions, etc. All someone has to do is type the information, press the search button, and in seconds, they have many sites to choose from. This is making it easy for students to copy and paste information, or write the information without acknowledging the author. The colleges will have to set a boundary that clearly defines what behavior is acceptable and what is not. They have to encourage academic integrity to stop the unethical behavior. The same thing is happening with the music, too. People from different parts of the world can share and illegally download music. This means that albums can get leaked early without the approval of artist. This can mess the up the artist record sales or make them change their album altogether. There is a similar problem going on in the world of blogging. Some bloggers are taking the roles of news and entertainment reporters. They are getting the news out more quickly than reporters and websites. More people are relying on bloggers for their information and knowledge on what is going on. Becoming a blogger is not a bad thing, but if you are a blogger you need to be a responsible one. Bloggers do have a responsibility to be citizens on the Internet. That means they shouldn’t copy others’ text, or post copyright photos and music. Bloggers are like everyone else, they are stating their ideas and opinions. It is the same for micro-blogging sites like Twitter. They allow real people on the scene to report real time events. People get a first person depth look of the news; it allows individuals to see stories that journalists or reporters don’t have access to.....
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