Juggalos : More Then a Music Based Society

Topics: Insane Clown Posse, Psychopathic Records, Joseph Bruce Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: March 13, 2006
To be a Juggalo is not what most of soceity thinks, which is to be a fan of Insane Clown Posse(ICP). Many outsiders say Juggalos are like a cult or even part of some big gang, their man support for this is the calling of other jugglaos family, and the way the Dark Carnival is mentioned. I tell you though, when juggalos gather they do not cause violence to anyone or hurt anything. Most media and society labels juggalos as ICP's loyal followers and Gerard Ramalho(2004) says they are"Self-described outsiders -- tired of trying to fit-in with quote, normal society. Most will tell you they had no sense of belonging until they joined the dark carnival."(para. 3) He even insults "What they're saying is hardly inspirational. Most of the lyrics we found are about things like assault and murder."(para. 7) Researching this I've found schools and police went far enough to ban something as small as wearing ICP t-shirt's, because they were supposedly gang clothing. I myslef for many years have been a juggalo, but can this be the true meaning of a juggalo or is it something deeper in meaning skipped over by the whole of our country? I would like to prove they are a Religion based subculture who share a same way of life, in a non-cult, non-gang fashion. The reason many people call them a cult are because they don't understand the religion and don't like the way they stick together and have gatherings. If you took the same people and said they were Christian and haveing a Christian event, society would have no problem with it. I have been to giant meetings of Christians from around the country in New York where they preach the message of god through their music.

Being a fan of ICP may be part of it but it is not just that. The biggest factors that make a juggalo are preached in their music and the unity they have. When The movement of the juggalo culture did start in the mid-90's with the imfamous band ICP and their record company, Psychopathic Records. The community has...
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