Juevnile Deliquency

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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The do not believe that there is a latent trait that makes a person delinquency-prone based on the following factors: the environment where the child is raised, the socialization where the child interacts, and their ethnicity.

With the content provided and my experiences in observation in adolescents I have come to realize that there are many determining factors that could have a child become a child delinquent. The most important factor between the two that I have come up with is the socioeconomic model. My husband has been in education for ten years and has been in many different districts around the state of Oklahoma. He and I have observed students who are exposed to different cultures and atmospheres. He has been to a smaller school where the family demographics are more, “country” based. In this you find students with single family homes where many children grow up without fully functional homes. Currently my husband is at a low socioeconomic school that has a melting pot of young adolescents in the school; many of these being African American, Hispanic, & Caucasian. In this scene you see again single family homes, but you see a different socioeconomic background where the adolescent is amongst different cultures and backgrounds. The socioeconomic model is the largest deterring factor in which children can become a juvenile delinquent. Adolescents begin to interact with other adolescents that may not have the same background as the other. The belief in a latent trait that makes a young person a delinquent is argued amongst researchers today. However, researches have said that the delinquency trait is minimized when the child is exposed to a fully functional home. The main reasoning for my latent trait theory is that you find people who become delinquents even without the trait. A person can turn into a delinquent just by the environment that he is exposed to. A adolescent with a good family background, where you do not see a single parent...
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