Juenile Delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Childhood Pages: 6 (1787 words) Published: November 8, 2012

Juvenile Delinquency is resulting from the absence of a father figure in the home, abuse and peer pressure in TnT and can be reduced through family intervention education and peer counselling. By
Karryl Johnson
Caribbean Nazarene College

In partial fulfilment of the requirements for
Course: PT461: Research Methods 11.
Lecturer: Shirley Cadogan
Date: Saturday 6th October, 2012

1. Introduction
A. Rationale
B. Definition
11 Biblical Perspectives of Juvenile Delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago. A. Old Testament
B. New Testament
111 Sociological Perspectives of Juvenile Delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago. A. Causes of Juvenile Delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago. 1. Absent Fathers
2. Abuse
3. Peer Pressure
B. Effects of Juvenile Delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago. 1. Gang wars.
2. Crime
3. School Drop Out
4. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
C. Solutions for Juvenile Delinquency
1. Family Intervention
2. Peer Counselling
3. Education

V. Psychological Perspectives of Juvenile Delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago. A. Effects of Juvenile Delinquency
1. Low Self Esteem
2. Increase in Drug and Alcohol Abuse
B. Solutions for the effects of Juvenile Delinquency
1. Seminars and Workshops on Parenting in the home. 2. Outreach targeting youths in the Communities
3. Multi Skill Activities
V11.Research Methodology, Sampling and Data Collection
V111. Research, Results and Analysis
1X. Recommendation
X. Conclusion

Juvenile Delinquency has been a thorn in today’s society and has caused a great impact in homes, schools and communities. This paper seeks to highlight the plight of the increase in Juvenile Delinquency as it relates to Trinidad and Tobago. The major cause and effect of juvenile delinquency and some solutions to help elevate juvenile delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago. There is a widespread view in Trinidad and Tobago that the standard of behaviour among young people is deteriorating and that this deterioration is (“whatever the reason for it”) is one of the major causes of the increase in crime. The increase in criminal and deviant behaviour among youths/juveniles in Trinidad and Tobago has been a national concern for some time. Reports on serious crime- murder, attack with weapons, rape, larceny, kidnapping- allegedly committed by youths and is reported in the media. This upsurge has given rise to what are the causal factors for the extent and forms of delinquency. The dynamics of gender, race and social class will be examine to demonstrate how they are related to the upsurge in delinquency and criminal activities in this youth section of the population. The situation of the protection and achievement of rights of particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Trinidad and Tobago is still one that warrants immediate attention and the commitment of financial and human resources. Children in need of special protection from all forms of abuses and neglect as well as children in institutions of care are most adversely affected by a lack of government commitment and political will. The situation of the girl child in Trinidad and Tobago is also an area of critical concern. Although changes are being slowly made in legislation and programmes are being implemented bit by bit far too many children are being under-supported or just plain neglected and/or abused in practice. Juvenile Homes has been existence in Trinidad and Tobago since the early 18th century. Homes such as St Michael’s School for Boys formally called Boys Industrial, St. Judes, and YTC. These juvenile homes house delinquents who committed various crimes. Crimes such as rape, drug possession, murder, larceny, beyond parental control, run away, molestation, prostitution and protection (from child abuse). Juveniles are sent to these homes through the...
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