Judy Bradys "I Want a Wife"

Topics: Gender role, Marriage, Gender Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: April 4, 2012
ENG 1113-2
February 27th, 2012

Men or Women: Who’s the Head of the Family

In Judy Brady’s “I Want a Wife” she talks about the tasks of a desired wife. There are certain things and duties required for a housewife to do. Brady describes all the helpful things done for a husband and children without even realizing all the responsibility and what she is doing. No one ever acknowledges that things done by a wife can be done by someone who was not a wife, but instead a man. Judy realizes she supports her husband so he can go back to school. She keeps the house clean. She has to be sensitive to the needs of a man in general. There have been many studies about gender roles in a marriage. The wife seems to do a lot. Women feel sometimes they do too much. Married couples should be able to work together. Sometime when the wife does everything it puts a constraint on the marriage. A marriage not only needs to survive, but thrive. In a marriage a husband and wife should be able share the same roles as needed. Society has a perceived notion of this. Everything today in a marriage should be able to be shifted back and forth as needed. This is all evidence that a marriage should be between two people who are willing to share all family responsibilities. It is a married couple’s responsibility to take control of any major problems they may have prior to marriage if possible. Research has shown that when men change roles in the family, there are many challenges for them. There seems to be many issues and problems when the man in the family shows the father involvement Fineman (17). For many years society did not know much about the changing of gender roles in a family. The husband should be able to do anything when needed. Statistics show that the effects of a fathers’ involvement with their children can sometimes cause angry reactions Kefalas (845). This can lead to divorce at times. Based on the evidence that...
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