Judith Wright

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  • Published : May 18, 2008
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English essay: Judith Wright

Judith Wright, born in the country town of Armidale, but grew to become one of the most influential modern thinkers through her poetry. Wright writes poems that expand further than just love, she wrote poems expressing the issues that deal with the spiritual and cultural fracture. Her views of the disintegrating culture and the physical environment surrounding her world are portrayed through the various techniques. These elements of techniques are such as Wright’s idea for her poems; the battle between the surfer and the waves that she observed and her poem reflecting the past in “South of My Days”. The comparisons of nature and people in the poem “Bora Ring” and of the human progress and nature in “Sanctuary” successfully show the difference between one definite race of domination, to the co-existence of both nature and man. The sound techniques Wright used to slow or fasten the pace of the poem; and the structure of the poem that can show rhymes, and portray the idea successfully.

The Idea of Wright’s poem shows the complex mind of Judith Wright, her idea of nature and cultural disintegration to make way for the human progress. Wright’s main idea of the road representing the human progress, and how the nature and the surroundings that was destroyed for the sake of the progress of the road. The symbolisation of the human progress by the road has been described as in conflict with the surrounding environment and is still “sweeping” through. The description of the road as “like a long fuse laid” shows that the road (human progress) connects everywhere, yet potentially destructive hence the word used “fuse”. The contradiction between the title of the poem “Sanctuary” and its idea of the destroying of nature is misleading, although the poet still gave hope in the fourth stanza; the line “and meaning love, perhaps they are a prayer.” Shows the poet giving the reader’s hope of man’s co-existence with the nature, instead of viewing...
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