Judicial System of Pakistan

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Judicial System of any country plays a vital role in her progress and in smooth running of state functionaries. All the developed countries of world have a well established and smooth running judicial system. Their courts are doing the justice irrespective of caste, living standards, official status of citizens and the individual powers. Even the most poor have the confidence in their courts and unbiased decision of courts are in fact a sword over the head of criminals and wrong doers in the developed countries. But, the factum of justice is totally opposite here in our country. Law and courts are for poor people and the rich or resourceful persons are immune from law, the courts are using all their powers against poor and un-resourceful persons. The law is enforced in stricto-senso against those who don’t have the resources to escape from law, and those who can bunk are easily given the way to do so, moreover, the law doesn’t even try to chase them.

This defect in our judicial system is in fact one of the main reason of degradation of values in our society and its failure to advance. The people don’t have trust in courts; foreign investors are not sure that their investment will be safe and the courts will protect them if anyone tries to disengage their business; the trade mafia is playing with their consumers, no law or court can stop them from the illegal trade; a gang of industrialists is running the entire industry according to their own whims and wishes without any fear of law or court; the law is handicapped against all these privileged citizens, mafia and gangs.

This system needs some engineering; these flaws have to be wiped off. The time has come when we have to arouse; set-up the rule of law in our society, without which our society can never march-on. The inferior complex amongst the poor has to be effaced; the rich and poor have to be put on even keels. Only then, we can compete with the developed societies; stand...
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