Judicial Branch of the Criminal Justice System

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What is the judicial branch of the criminal justice system? The judicial branch is responsible for overseeing the local, state, and federal court systems. It explains the meaning of the Constitution and laws passed by the legislative branch and enforced by the executive branch. Now the Supreme Court is ahead of the judicial branch because it is the highest court of the land. The Supreme Court rules if whether or not the issue itself is constitutional. (Dictionary, 2013) What types of jobs are available?

Probation and Pretrial Services
Assist in the administration of justice and promote community safety. Case Administrator
Be the public face of the court to attorneys who practice in the court and to the public. Court Interpreter
Help non-English-speaking defendants communicate during court proceedings. Human Resources
Provide frontline services to the federal court workforce.
Perform a full range of library technical and research services for the Judiciary. Legal Secretary and Administrative Specialist
Provide office assistance and support judges, executives, managers, and court unit staff. Staff Attorney and Law Clerk
Research and provide procedural and legal advice regarding court cases. Information Technology
Support the federal courts' extensive technology programs.
Courtroom Deputy
Assist judges in managing their caseload and court proceedings in an orderly fashion. Court Reporter
Maintain the courtroom record and produce transcripts of court proceedings. Jury Administrator
Ensure that jury selection and management are effective and efficient processes. Judicial Executive
Manage and oversee court operations, ensuring that judges and court employees meet the judiciary's mission. Financial and Procurement Specialists
Ensure compliance with financial and procurement guidelines, policies, and approved controls. Assistant Federal Public Defender
Enforce the constitutional right to counsel by representing those who cannot afford an...
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