Judicial Branch of the American Government

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The Supreme Court of the United States
Judicial branch of the American Government

I decided to write about the judicial branch of American Government. The judicial branch of government is made up of the court system. The Supreme Court is the highest court. Judicial power is one of the three main branches of government and its task is to apply and interpret laws passed by the legislature. The Judicial Branch makes sure that the nation’s laws are fairly applied. So it means that every person is treated the same way. The Federal government is a government with strong central powers. A Federal court is established under the Constitution of the United States. The Federal courts are divided into three levels which are Supreme Court, Appeals Court and District Courts. Jurisdiction is a authority to hear the decide the case. There are eight types of cases in which the federal courts have jurisdiction: 1. The Constitution

2. Federal Laws
3. Deputies between the states
4. Citizens from different states
5. The Federal Government
6. Foreign Government and Treaties
7. Admiralty and Maritime Laws
8. U.S Diplomats

There are two different type of Jurisdiction: Exclusive & Concurrent

The Exclusive Jurisdiction
-Only Federal Courts may hear and decide cases.
-Federal and State courts.
Concurrent Jurisdiction
-Both Federal and state courts have jurisdiction.
-Applied when citizens of different states are involved in a dispute concerning at least $50,000

In the United States, the judicial power is separate from the other two and is in the form of the Supreme Court. The Court was established by Article III of the Constitution and also other Federal courts were created by Congress. Courts decide arguments about the meaning of laws, when and how they are applied, and whether they break the rules of the Constitution. Some theorists argue that the executive has an impact on the U.S. Supreme Court as the president of the United States personally...
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