Judicial Branch

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The Judicial Branch Of the US Government

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The Judicial Branch
Types of Government
Professor William Huet
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American Government

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May 2011

The Judicial Branch
The Judicial Branch is made up of courts. Those courts are the Supreme Court, Circuit Courts and District Court. There are no qualifications for becoming a federal judge. The constitution sets no qualifications but Congress and the departments of justice have their own criteria. The United States Senate has to approve all presidential appointments to the Supreme Court. This is an example of the United States using checks and balances. The Department of Justice job is to enforce federal law and to ensure that it’s fair and jousted administration trough the United States. The department of justice also represents the United States in all Supreme Court cases, administrates the immigration system and it administrates the immigration system, and it processes the citizenship program. The department of justice is in charge of the federal prison system and a lot more of other community programs.

The Supreme Court is the highest court of the land. The Supreme Court’s decision can only be over turned by later Supreme Court decision. The Circuit Court consists of three judge panel that make their decision together. There are twelve district courts in the United States who hear a pellet jurisdiction, court cases appealed from lower district courts. Districts courts are major population centers and these courts hear jury trials. Citizens go to District trials and determine if the person is guilty or not.
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