Judical Conduct and the Code of Judical Conduct

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Judicial Conduct and the Code of Judicial Conduct

Courts and Judicial Process: 2012 Winter Quarter
December 23, 2012

In the case of, In re: Judge James M. DeLeon. The judge was at a community gathering in the town for which he was a judge, and while there was introduced to a man that was in the position of Consul General of Romania to the City of Philadelphia. While the two men were engaged in conversation the man told the judge that he was having a personal problem with a neighbor and that he wanted this problem to cease. While the judge was talking to the man about the problem the judge advised the man to have his wife contact his office to obtain a Stay Away Order, in hopes that this would solve this man’s problem with the neighbor. The wife did call the office and there was a Stay Away Order prepared by the judge’s secretary at the judge’s request. At which time it was then signed and sent to both parties of the dispute.

Judge DeLeon should have instructed the Consul General to take the proper channels to receive the Stay Away Order, but only if his neighbor was found guilty of any form of harassment to his teenage daughter. The judge should not have told the man that he could call his office, because this was a violation of the Cannon 2 whereby he should always avoid impropriety and the appearance in all activities by allowing the outside influence of a social acquaintance to use the prestige of the judicial office for the private interest of this man.

One insight that I have had about many Judges is that they are human and can contain many bias. Judges are to be impartial and without bias, although with life experiences this may be a feat in itself. The Code of Judicial Conduct is a guide for a judge to live by to help with the bias they have. A conclusion I have about many Judges is that many do use their seat in the bench to judge people based on their own beliefs and bias and their decisions can be based only on that, and with all Judges...
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