Judgment Essay

Topics: High school, School district, Judgment Pages: 3 (1263 words) Published: February 10, 2013
There is no running from judgment. Nor is there somewhere you can go to hide from becoming a victim of the sinister act of being judged. Anyone can do it. Therefore, everyone does. Having a conclusion drawn based off of one’s thoughts or their opinion, whether they are right or wrong, is simply inescapable. It’s up to the patsy who has been declared as a target to decide whether or not these inferred acts of character profiling will phase them or not.

The changes some people force themselves to undergo to fit in are truly remarkable. Having been a ‘lifer’ in the Lake Travis Independent School District, I have had the pleasure in a first hand visual as the peers and other fellow students of mine grow up and made something of their lives. Unfortunately, I have also had to witness the self-destruction of those who were not as strong as the others and crumbled under the impersonal leer thrown at them by this caged-in society. At Lake Travis, your clique is your reputation. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. You are whom you hang out with, the perfect high school stereotype, should be hung upon a banner for all those walking through the doors for the first time to see. Not only would it be for everyone to see, it would be a warning. This is the kind of warning I would have liked to see as I walked through the entrance of Lake Travis as a freshman. Instead, I, and many others, had to find this out the hard way. Watching all my best friends turn into something they’re not just to avoid being slapped by the cold hand of judgment was by far one of the hardest experiences I have had to endure. Seeing my old basketball team put away their longer than knee basketball shorts and reluctantly inching in to mini skirts many sizes too small was painful. This wasn't any of them growing up and maturing. No, I knew them all too well to know that this is everything other than what they wanted to be doing, saying, or wearing. This was fear, the fear of being judged or...
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