Judgment and Way

Topics: Judgment, Choice, Assumption of Mary Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Do you judge people by the way they dress or the way they talk? Have you ever misjudged someone based on these characteristics? Many of us have judged someone who turns out to be different from what we first anticipated. We tend to make judgments on how someone dresses and acts to see if they are someone who you would like to be around. We don’t just judge people but other things as well.

Many of us judge people by the way they look or act. Most of the time you judge someone it turns out to be false or a misjudgment. Everyone dresses and acts differently and because of this we tend to make assumptions about them that may not be true. A person’s appearance has a big impact on how we think of them. We then make a judgment on how we think they are.

We get influenced by the people around us to make judgments of other people. For instance, you might hear your parents’ say that someone looks like they are a bad person there for that person is bad. But in reality that individual may not be a bad person. So then we get the idea that since someone looks like this they are involved with something bad or some other stuff. We don’t try to get to know the person to see if he or she is really what we think they are.

Many of us have been misjudged at one point; I have been misjudged multiple times. For instance, people make the assumption that I get into a lot of trouble or I tend to cause trouble. And they say that I look like I’m always out in the street with bad people. But in reality I don’t do any of those things. I am very quiet and I don’t go out and cause any trouble to anyone or thing. I try to avoid people that cause trouble that can result to a sever punishments.

Many of us make a misjudgment of someone. I think it’s better to get to know the person before you make a judgment of them. There are many interesting, smart, and valuable people that aren’t what we think they are. We make...
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