Judge Paper: Boone V. Zoom Car Company

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Judge Paper: Boone v. Zoom Car Company





Judge Paper: Boone v. Zoom Car Company


Zoom Car Company is an automobile manufacturing company. The company installs many additional extras and features in its cars and amongst these is an onboard compass installed on the car’s dashboard which is manufactured by Corrigan Rulers Compasses and Slide Rulers Inc. Daniel Boone, a customer of Zoom, purchased a car from the company which unfortunately had a faulty compass installed in it. While trying to find his way using the compass one night, he got lost and ended up driving into a crime prone area where he was dragged out of his car and severely beaten up. Daniel is suing Zoom Car for medical costs arising out of his treatment expenses.


• Is there a valid claim for strict liability on the part of Zoom Car Company?

• Can Daniel’s injuries be linked to the faulty compass installed on his vehicle by Zoom Car Company?

• Could Daniel’s conduct be deemed negligent thereby be held partly responsible for his injuries?


Under the law, consumers are protected from faulty and defective products through placing liability of the same to the manufacturers and producers. Strict liability usually arises when products are found to be defective when leaving the manufacturer and reaching the market (Singer & La Fond, 2010, pg. 128-129). Such defects can be categorized as manufacturing or design defects and in other instances marketing defects which occur when a manufacturer fails to warn of possible dangers. Since the product (compass) turned out to be faulty by providing misleading directions, manufacturing and/or design defects can be made against it (pg. 130-131). Zoom Car Company should be responsible for thorough inspection of all its products before they leave their responsibility. Here, the company must ensure that all parts and additional equipment...
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