Judge and Structure I. Courts

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Criminal courts final review
·what is a court?
i.an agency or unit of the judicial branch of govern.,authoried or established by statue which has the authority to decide upon cases ·What is adjudication?
i.the process by which a court arrives at a decision regarding a case ·What type of court system do we run?
i.Dual court system
·Understand Due Process clause
i.portion of the 14th amendement ; used by U.S supreme court to make certain protections in the Bill of rights applicable to the states ·Understand we have a adversial system-what is it?
i.Court sytem that pits two parties against each other in pursuit of the truth ·Know what tort is and tort law
i.Torts are civil wrongs recognized by law to be grounds for a lawsuit ii.tort law deals with conduct that leads to injuries not considered acceptable by societal standards ·know felony and misdeamonor

i.felony is a serious criminal offense generally punishable by more tha a year ii.misdemeanor less serious crime puinishable under a year
·what is a court room group
i.Lawyers,judges,clerks,judge,public defenders etc
·What is a consent degree?
i.a judgement by consent of the parties to a lawsuit where the defendamt agrees to stop the alleged improper activities ·federal court system structure
i.district courts, courts of appeals, and the US supreme court ·Know qualifications and what makes a good judge
i.pro competence, political qulifications,political conn.,self-selection,crapshoot component ·specialized court
i.Drug, family, domestic,child abuse,mental health court
·State court structure
i.courts of limited jurisd. such as traffic courts and misdemeanor courts ii.general jurisdiction courts for felony cases
iii.state supreme courts
·what is a juvenile waiver
i.juvenile judicial action that waives jurisdiction over a juvenile charged with commiting a particular crime to adult court ·short essay on gun and domestic court
·qualifications of state court...
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