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  • Published : July 23, 2011
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Book of John 13: 26-28
V-27 " as soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him" Question: why is it, Satan entered Judas mind or life as soon he took the
1. who is Judas?
2. what is the role in Jesus ministry?
3. how he sin?
4. what is the meaning of Judas Iscariot?
Answer: John describe Judas as the band's treasurer and he often present at important time, John also describe him as a thief. Emagine isang magnanakaw nakasama sa ministry ni Hesus. In every story need supporting role or kontra bida at si Judas ang fit dito. Si Judas ang nagkanulo kay Hesus amen. Question: What is the meaning of Judas Iscariot?

Iscariot means " man of kerioth" a city of Judea. Kya sa grupo tanging is Judas ang outsider dahil Judean siya Judas was named "sicariot" a member of the party of the "sicaril" this cames from the greek word for " assassin". So bago pa maging Judas sya ang name nya sicariot, Judas Iscariot could have been the Judas the " terrorist" So, si Judas ay treasurer, present sa lahat ng pagtitipon lalo sa pangagaral ni Hesus amen. So it means to say nakakapakinig sya ng mga aral ni Hesus! amen Queastion: bakit sya nagtraydor kay Hesus, at sa mga kasama nya disipolo?

V-26 -27 expond…...so ng madali sya magpnta sa mga pharaseo pra san? Sa pinag usapan nila at sa price…his mind focus on the wealth not on the words, he was present all the time in the ministry why den wala man lang syang word of God to defeat satan? So what happen he was deceive, nalaman nya na mali sya but instead he ask for forgiveness he commit another sin, and what is that? He commit suicide! ( Read this 1st ) V-26 ginamit ang salitang tinapay or bread this is a figurative, it symbolize the word of God, ( john 1:14) and the word became flesh, sya rin yung bumaba sa langit (john 6:51) Satan can deceive us in 3 ways: 1John 2:16

1. lust of the flesh
2. lust of the eyes
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