Judaism and Play

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  • Published : November 30, 2010
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By: Jesse Sexton

Why is Jesus hanging around the disciples and the company? This is the major dramatic question because in the beginning the audience is confused because of this question but as the action continues this question is answered at the climax of the play. This is a challenging play due to it being a musical aspect of it. The characters were able to portray this play in a fashion that I really thought was appropriate. The character that played Jesus really portrayed this sense of leadership and knowing while the company honestly gave off the image of being lost. Jesus refers to them as sheep a number of times while referring himself as the obvious Sheppard. Also The Pharisees with the combination of low toned music and an evil look about them were played well and almost reminded me of the wicked witch, with a twin sister, in the wizard of oz. This question and these imitations will serve as the foundation for my Critique of this play.

In Godspell the obvious protagonist is the character playing Jesus. Jesus’ goal throughout the play is to bring together the company and disciples to a common ground and understanding of God’s teachings so they are able to spread the word of God in the right way. Jesus’ emotion throughout the entire play shows that of compassion, leadership, and knowledge. Even when pinned to the cross he is compassionate about the prophecy and stops the disciples and company from fighting with the Jews during his crucifixion. Jesus’ shows his leadership and knowledge by making the teachings of the bible so that the company and disciples understand also by bringing the others together on a common ground. This fit’s the spine of the play because without teaching the disciples and company about the bible and God’s word then the Jews would have never been compelled to crucify Jesus and bring about the resurrection as told in the prophecy. The protagonist uses examples from the bible such as the Story about the man that...
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