Judaism and Kings New Wife

Topics: Judaism, Book of Esther, Jews Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: December 5, 2012
1. What was the prophecy of Jeremiah concerning Babylon?
The Prophet Jeremiah foretold the destruction of Jerusalem, and the subsequent seventy years of the desolation of the land and Israel’s captivity in Babylon. He also foretold the return of the people to their own land following the seventy years.| |

2. What was the prophecy of Jeremiah concerning the Jewish returning to Israel? That they would return after 70 years.

3. Why did King Ahasuerus throw such a big bash?

Three years after King Ahasuerus ascended the Persian throne, he felt secure in his new position (Jeremiah had prophesized that the Jews would return 70 years after being exiled, but It turns out that Ahasuerus had miscalculated the 70 years. He thought that it began with the exile of the first Jews from the Land of Israel. In reality, Jeremiah's prophecy was figured from the time of the destruction of the Temple -- some 11 years later. Ultimately, the exile did in fact end as prophesied -- after 70 years!) 4. What does the name of the Holiday, ‘Purim’ literally mean? Lots that are cast (Lottery)

5. Why?
Haman would roll the dice to see what day to kill the Jews. He left it comply up to chance and fate. 6. Who are the 2 heroes of the story of Purim?
Esther, Mordechai
7. Please list 3 ‘coincidences’ which brought about the rescue of the Jewish people from Haman 1) Queen Vashti got eliminated.
2) Esther won the beauty contest to become the kings new wife. 3) Mordechai told Esther to tell the kind that she was a Jew and that Haman was planning on killing the Jews. 8. What are 4 Mitzvos to celebrate Purim?

1) Giving gifts to the poor
2) Feasting
3) Giving food to friends
4) Listen to The Megillah
9. Why do you think Haman wanted to kill all the Jews?
Mordechai said that he does not bow to Haman because he is Jewish. And Haman wanted to get revenge not just on mordechai but all the Jews.
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