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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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I decided that I wanted my paper to focus on a Jewish religion (Judaism). I decided to do this because I do have a lot of Jewish friends and I have always wanted to take a closer look into that religious culture, especially from the perspective of my Catholic values. I took a lot of time to decide which religious service and location to attend and I ultimately decide don Temple Solel which is located in Bowie, MD. I chose this location because I called and initially spoke with a representative and they made me feel the most welcome, coming in and observing services as someone not of Jewish decent. Before this attending this service, I think I had quite a few misconceptions about the Jewish religion. The first one was that there was just one type of Jewish religion. Another misconception I had was that in Reform Judaism, the belief is that there is no messiah. I also had the idea that the Jews rejected Jesus. However, I think my biggest misconception about the religion as a whole before I went to the religious service was the difference between Jewish and Judaism. It may sound bad, but it is true. I will use this paper to breakdown my misconceptions versus the truth of what I learned in the religious services and where we can go as a whole country full of different religions in the future when it comes to misconceptions. Growing up, I always thought there was just one type or form of Judaism. This is in fact false. There are quite a few such as Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. To briefly break down the different types, Reform Judaism means that the thoughts and views of this particular movement focuses on the views and practices based from North American and United Kingdom. It focuses on the more modernized traditions and making them more compatible with the surrounding cultures. Conservative Judaism is a modern stream that arose out of intellectual currents in Germany in the early to mid-19th century. However, it only took form in the United...
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