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Jet Airways is the largest Indian airline based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It operates over 400 flights daily to 76 destinations worldwide. Its main hub is Mumbai, with secondary hubs at Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata.[1] It has an international hub at Brussels Airport, Belgium. Jet Airways is owned by Naresh Goyal In October 2008 Jet Airways laid off 1,900 of its employees, resulting in the largest lay-off in the history of Indian aviation.[7] However the employees were later asked to return to work; Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said that the management reviewed its decision after he analysed the decision with them.[8][9] In October 2008 Jet Airways and rival Kingfisher Airlines announced an alliance which primarily includes an agreement on code-sharing on both domestic and international flights, joint fuel management to reduce expenses, common ground handling, joint utilisation of crew and sharing of similar frequent flier programmes.[10] On 8 May 2009 Jet Airways launched its low-cost brand, Jet Konnect. The decision to launch a new brand instead of expanding the JetLite network was taken after considering the regulatory delays involved in transferring aircraft from Jet Airways to JetLite, as the two have different operator codes. The brand was launched on sectors that had 50% or less load factor with the aim of increasing it to 70% and above. Jet officials said that the brand would cease to exist once the demand for the regular Jet Airways increases.[11] According to a PTI report, for the third quarter of 2010, Jet Airways (Jet+JetLite) had a market share of 26.9%[12] in terms of passengers carried, thus making it a market leader in India, followed by Kingfisher Airlines with 19.9% .

Head office
Jet Airways's head office is located in the Siroya Centre in Andheri, Mumbai.[14] Jet Airways's head office was previously located in the S.M. Centre, a rented, unmarked six storey building in Andheri.[15][16] In 2008 Robyn Meredith of Forbes stated that the complex was "as shabby as (Jet Airways CEO Nares) Goyal's home is posh" and that the complex was "In need of a fresh coat of paint". The complex was 15 minutes driving time from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.[16

[edit] JetLite
JetLite is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jet Airways. It was established as Sahara Airlines on 20 September 1991 and began operations on 3 December 1993 with two Boeing 737-200 aircraft. Initially services were primarily concentrated in the northern sectors of India, keeping Delhi as its base, and then operations were extended to cover all the country. Sahara Airlines was rebranded as Air Sahara on 2 October 2000. On 12 April 2007 Jet Airways took over Air Sahara and on 16 April 2007 Air Sahara was renamed as JetLite. JetLite operates a fleet of mixed owned–leased Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft and Bombardier CRJ-200ER. [edit] Jet Konnect

Jet Konnect is the low-cost brand of India-based Jet Airways. It was launched on 8 May 2009, and shares the same airline designation as Jet Airways.[17] It operates a mixed fleet of ATR 72-500s and Boeing 737-800s. The rationale for launching Jet Airways Konnect was to close down loss-making routes and divert the planes to more profitable routes with higher passenger load factors. Jet already runs a low-cost airline named JetLite. According to Jet Airways, the decision to launch a low-cost brand instead of expanding the existing JetLite was taken to avoid the regulatory delays associated with moving excess aircraft and assets from Jet Airways to JetLite, which have separate operating codes. Jet Konnect offers a no frills flight where meals and other refreshments have to be purchased on board. To identify if the flight is a full service or Konnect the flight numbers for Konnect are in the series 9W 2000-2999.[18] Jet Airways plan to merge JetLite brand into Jet Konnect in the future.

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