Js Prophecy

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The future is a mystery. No one is certain of it. Even the smartest of all cannot depict what lies ahead. The only thing we can do is prepare for what’s to come, and embrace everything with open arms.

I can feel the warmth of my room. Particles of light, gradually appearing. I suddenly opened my eyes and faced the clock. Oh! Its 7 am. I rushly prepared myself and packed things up. It's been years passed...Almost 15 years, since we graduted from high school. I missed my batchmates miserably. Time was running so fast that I didn't notice that today was year 2028. Things changed. Yesterday, we were just dreaming of today's generation.

I'm on the way to my destination when my stomach craved to eat. I remembered I didn't take my breakfast. But thanks because my favorite restaurant is straight ahead from where I am now. I stop the car upon reaching Nica's Cuisine. It was owned by Chef Nica Alarcon. I ask the manager if Nica was around but he said she was on a vacation with his husband, Attorney Earl Jasper Bacarisas. Who could possibly say that they were destined to each other, right?

I'm now on the airport. I had a conference in Korea by tomorrow. Before checking in my baggage, somebody greats me and seems familiar to me. She's Kristine Angela Baldestamon. She's one of the flight attendant. She did guide me going to the bording area. And upon entering the plane, I saw Hamnaizah Gubel. Ah. She's also a flight attendant here. She took me to my seat. But you know what? She changed. She's not noisy at all. Minutes after, the plane were ready to depart because the pilot is now speaking. Wait. Wait. Wait. I called Hamnai If I heard it well. But she nodded. I amazed. I'm right. The pilot was Grecco Sergio Vegas. I do still remember when we always chase him, if he will be the pilot of the plane that we're in, we will take off no matter what. Nevertheless, I'm proud of him from what he succeeded.

Few hours later, finally I'm now in Korea. After getting my baggage I go straight to the hotel where the meeting will be held. Timing, the hotel there was owned by Ian Cris Duay, my friend so he gave me discount. We talked and he mentioned that this hotel was designed by Architect Fiona Pouline Necesito. The materials used was chose by Engineer Kenneth Daryll Sayre. The two were now working with international clients and both famous in Korea.

After having a bonding with NoyNoy, I take a long walk in the city. Something caught my attention while walking. I saw the picture of Gypssy Joy Melgarejo in the billboard. While reading the details, I find out that she's modeling her own beauty products. Yes. She's a dermatologist and a model as well in the City.

I continued my walk. Seems that I get tired. I get in to a resto closest from where I'm standing. I took my order. While waiting to my food, I saw a newspaper and read it. Oh! I'm shocked from what I see there. Ms. Shiela Nieles crowned as Ms. Universe 2028. She represents the Philippines. I'm proud of her...the whole country, perhaps. Speaking of my country, Philippines is now well-developed and progressive since Mr. Olsen Belbeder elected as President. For you to know, he's one of the pugnacious student in the class in high school. But there, see how he've changed.

I finished eating my food and decided to go back in the hotel to get rest. I go to bed and opened the television. I've realized today is Sunday but I didn't attend mass. I'm searching the live coverage of the mass on TV to watch it, atleast. I noticed there that the celebrant was Rusell Gorieza. Fr. Rusell Gorieza OMI, DD, rather. Thank God his a priest. Truly, God always make ways if that's your call.

It's morning again. I'm preparing myself for the conference. After few minutes at last, I'm ready. I go down to the hall and take there a seat. We're waiting the event organizers. Unexpectedly, I saw my former classmate arrived. She's Prescios Apple Arollado. We have a little talk there. Then, when the meeting was...
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