Jrotc in Perspective

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JROTC in Perspective

JROTC has its advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on the person and their beliefs. JROTC is, in my opinion, what you make of it. In this essay I will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and my personal opinion about the program.

Advantages in JROTC can be beneficial regarding military service. If you are entering immediately after high school then you can become a Private First Class. There are skills that you learn that can be applied to military life. Proper uniform wear, marching, and common courtesies are all taught. These are the essentials and basics of the military. JROTC can be your roots and complete beginning to your career path of the military. Other than military benefits, JROTC can help you with just life itself. JROTC can help discipline you, making you a better citizen in the modern day society. JROTC teaches you morale values and determination to better prepare your career that you choose.

Disadvantages are present in JROTC also. The main one that always comes up in my mind is that JROTC eats up a credit every semester. I understand that it would not be much of an affect if you are military driven and have that mind set already. But it can be a obstacle if you do want to expand your course of study. It will always be there and always take up a spot that you could have put another class. Unnecessary frustration can always occur from taking JROTC. There are many times that people do not do their jobs correctly and you end up not getting your correct rewards. It is just not worth it sometimes, but it really depends on your career path and personal choice. Wearing the uniform every single week is a disadvantage. The uniform is a ridiculously uncomfortable outfit to wear. This may not bother some people, but I felt that I can be at times. While wearing the uniform you are restricted from having physical contact with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or just another student in general.

In my own opinion I am...
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