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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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JROTC Builds Character and Leadership

Before you can make someone else proud, you must first make yourself proud. Somewhere along everybody’s life, one gains a sense of leadership and moral standards. JROTC specializes in fine tuning and maintaining these characteristics. There is much to learn about when you join the JROTC program. With the skills and knowledge that JROTC provides, you will find yourself succeeding in most that you do and will go a long way in a short amount of time.

Throughout this essay I’ll use myself as an example of how JROTC has built an immense amount of leadership and admirable qualities in me. Being in the Drill Team for starters, has brought me places that I’d never thought I’d be- mentally and physically. With the atmosphere created in our drill team, I can feel that with hard work we can accomplish anything. It’s not only marching, it creates a new way of thinking and you develop new organizational skills. Drill Team allows you to work as one in a team with other members and see the results of what coming together can do. Trust is instilled, for you know that without one or two members, your team cannot work as well.

Opportunities such as being a part of the staff can have great outcomes as well. There are many positions such as S-2; dealing with Security, or the S-5; dealing with public affairs. In my case I’ve been with the S-4. The S-4 handles all logistics. This includes the quantity and quality of all clothing items held in out JROTC facilities. Being only an assistant to the S-4, I have earned a great amount of responsibility and respect for what you work hard for.

In the future, you will come across jobs that require certain skills and qualities. Being in JROTC will give you an advantage in getting certain jobs that you may qualify for. When working with money, one in JROTC may be trusted more so than an average applicant who is not. Being in JROTC shows you ways to use honesty to your benefits. It also makes it...
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