Topics: Education, Reserve Officers' Training Corps, High school Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: April 6, 2011
JROTC is a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. It is a program designed to encourage students to become better citizens. With a responsibility on leadership training, and building up skills. The mission of JROTC is to motivate students to be better citizens. a better character, and self-discipline . There are some differences between a regular school and a JROTC program, elective.

The ROTC program is a military program in schools to encourage discipline and brotherhood between classmates. By learning with others and learning to obey commanding officers or higher ranked classmates. The students are encouraged to make the decisions they want based on the good of the group. Students are less likely to fall victim to peer pressure because they are disciplined enough to make their own logical decisions in the matter.

Some differences between a normal high school and a JROTC high school, JROTC larger responsibility on physical fitness, larger responsibility on leadership, and basic military training, and to learn the tools to achievement in all aspects of their lives. Whether in business, education, or any other career a cadet may choose. JROTC academic program, allows for ranking, provides headquarter teams: raiders, color guard, and drill teams. High school is normal responsibility on physical fitness, normal curricular, no military training, no ranking, and no teams.

Although the schools may seem really different, then normal school with just some changes and requirements. I think that having the JROTC program is an excellent opportunity. This allows us to be different from others, even if you don’t plan to join the army.
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