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Topics: Mixed martial arts, Royce Gracie, Ultimate Fighting Championship Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Chris worth
Mrs. Zupan
Speech Period 2
27 September 2012

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Is the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. it also is the fastest growing sport organization in the world. The ufc organization follows a rich history and tradition of a competitive MMA dating back to the Olympic games in Athens. about 50 years ago a Brazilian form of mma known as vale turdo (anything goes) sparked local interest to the world the goal was to find the ultimate fighting championship with a concept of a tournament of the best athletes ,skilled in the various disciplines of all mixed martial arts. Including karate jiu jitsu ,boxing ,kick boxing ,grappling wrestling sumo and other combat sports the winner of the tournament would be crowned the champion. Started by art Davie and Royce Gracie –wow promotions as a tournament to find the worlds best fighter no matter their style the ufc was based upon a version of Brazilian vale turdo fighting this fighting program started by art Dave and porion Gracie vale turdo often violent and brutal with minimal rules the Ufc’s brand of vale turdo initially known as no holds barred allowed fighters to display their various disciplines to prove which martial arts style prevailed above others in the realistic’s unregulated situations . they also now got upgraded glove since the 90’s they got extra padding to protect the knuckles and mouth guards now too .

With no weight classes, fighters often faced significantly larger or taller opponents. For example, Keith "The Giant Killer" Hackney faced Emmanuel Yarborough at ufc 3 with a 9" height difference and a 400-pound weight difference. Many martial artists believed that technique could overcome these advantages, that a skilled fighter could use an opponent's size and strength against him, and with the 170-pound Royce Gracie dispatching many larger opponents, the UFC quickly proved that size does not always determine outcome ....
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