Joy Luck Club

Topics: Amy Tan, United States, The Joy Luck Club Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: February 14, 2013
* “Here is how I came to love my mother.  How I saw her my own true nature.  What was beneath my skin.  Inside my bones.” (Tan 40) The depth of any mother-daughter matrilineage goes much deeper then just the appearance on the outside. Throughout the entire book, 8 women in The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan, tell their sweet moments, as well as their hardships in life. The 8 women resemble 4 perfectly matched mother-daughter pairs, but still individuals in their own. The book frequently flashes back to a time in China where the Mothers experienced similar situations as their daughters were going through. The tales that are told by the mothers mirror that of the daughters. The feelings expressed by both are almost exactly alike but under very different circumstances. The Daughters in The Joy Luck Club are American translations of their Chinese mothers, by showing the same characteristics and facing similar trials under American circumstances. Appearance is not just one thing that resembles a pair. It could be what is inside a person. “Tan’s multiple pairings of mother-daughter stories mirror the strong links between the individual mothers and daughters…” [Ho 101] The stories of the mothers about their travels and journeys in China are similar to the stories that the daughters go through as Americans “…Rather than focusing on a single primary mother-daughter relationship, Tan gives the reader a sense of the diversity mother-daughter bonds within Chinese American families” [Ho 101] The Chinese American families are diverse in the way that they are mixtures of both American and Chinese *
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