Jows and Sorrows Painiting by Judith Goldstien

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Germany Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: March 19, 2013
The artist name is Judith Goldstein, a child Holocaust survivor, and she was born in Vilna, Poland. The name of her work of art is Joys and Sorrow. In 1941, the Nazis sent most of Vilna's Jews to the Ghetto where Judith and her family spent the next two years. Following the liquidation of the Ghetto in 1943, Judith and her mother spent the next two years in concentration camps in Latvia and Poland. Somehow, Judith, her mother, and her brother survived and were sent to a banished person’s camp in Germany in 1945. This is where she fell in love with the arts. Since Judith Goldstein was Jewish, that ethnic group is being depicted in her artwork. When you look at this painting you can not tell what ethnic group it was. Learning more about the artist however you come to realize that it is of the Jewish ethnicity. Since it is a holocaust paining this genocide took place in 1933 and ended in 1945. Also this genocide took place in various countries in Europe, specifically Germany and France. Leading up to the genocide Hitler legalized Nazi Anti-Jewish Laws which is a huge form of legal discrimination. I selected this painting because unlike the other ones I saw this one wasn’t dark and gloomy. Joys and sorrows is a colorful painting of a walk way surrounded by trees. From this painting I took from it that instead of focusing on the bad she took what was left of the good and painted a colorful walk way representing how she is only walking forward and not looking back on the harsh events in her early life. The artist’s purpose behind the painting can best be described as a quote she said. "I paint the canvas of my childhood, and sing the images I see." Which I believe perfectly explains why the artist painted this scene as representation of the holocaust. I’m not exactly sure how symbolism was used to convey the meaning of the event; it’s a beautiful painting with obvious meaning behind it. The meaning however pertaining to this specific event I can not tell. The focus...
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