Journeys - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds/Finding Neverland

Topics: Mind, John Lennon, Imagination Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: December 3, 2010
The lyrics of the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, performed by The Beatles, and primarily written by John Lennon, takes the reader or listener on a journey into the imagination. There are a few interpretations of this song. The most popular interpretation being, that the lyrics of the song follow the kind of journey that one would embark on upon the consumption of the hallucinogenic drug LSD which would project the wildest of imaginings.

Although at the time of release, John Lennon had stated that the lyrics of the song were based on a drawing by his son, Julian, of a girl in his class called Lucy. If the song was inspired by the drawing of Lucy, we can say that the lyrics take you on a journey that may be similar to that of a small child’s boundless imagination. In addition to the inspiration from his son's artwork, Lennon also drew heavily from a childhood inspiration of his own, Lewis Carroll - the "Wool and Water" chapter from Through the Looking-Glass. From the beginning of the song we are thrust into an imaginative realm, where everyday objects are turned into something extraordinary, such as the marmalade skies and kaleidoscope eyes. Perhaps the persona had wanted to escape their ordinary life and travel to a place that was extraordinary. The journey starts “in a boat on a river” ending “on a train in a station” which could mean the journey of the persona has only just begun, is never ending, or they have grown as a person and are ready to travel to their destination. The first words of the song are “picture yourself” telling us that the following parts of the song are imaginary. The song was composed in 1967 and therefore takes on the cultural and social contexts of the 1960’s. The drug scene reached a high point during the 1960’s so the popularity of illegal drugs such as LSD grew, in which The Beatles are known to have taken part in. These drugs are said to expand the imagination and because the composers may have written about their...
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