Journeys : Life Is Beautiful (Roberto Begnini)

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As a result of studying journeys, the concept that I once related with the theme of journeys has changed and expanded. The sources that were studied and analyzed all expressed views or demonstrated the key aspects of journeys. Through the study of these poems, film and text my perception of this topic which before was blunt and physical, has enabled me to see the differing views and characteristics of journeys and their effect on individuals and the world.

After seeing the film “Life is Beautiful” directed by Roberto Begnini the thought of a journey based around the humour of a father in order to keep his son out of harms way, shows how different journeys can be, and the impact they can have on different people. For Guido’s son, the journey that was created for him was a very fun and exciting one, filled with prizes and points! But the fact was that Guido had the obligation to make his journey of this nature to protect him. The great thing about the film Life Is Beautiful, is that it encompasses many types of journeys. In the start, it is a romantic slapstick comedy about Guido making it into the small Italian town of Arezzo and falling in love with Dora. He takes on his journey of meeting new people, waitering, and following Dora around in order to gain her affection. The physical journey then turns into his journey with his son, through the Nazi death camp, risking life and limb to save his son from the harsh reality of where they are, and what the outcome of his father will be. The Inner journey that Guido went on was an emotional test of how strong he was to keep playing the game with his son. Journeys like the ones depicted in Life Is Beautiful are the basis of human experience in the world and are inevitable. Everyone in the world takes on journeys in their life that help shape them to be who they are.

A poem written in the time of WWII by Janos Pilinszky, has also expanded my understanding of individuals and the world.
This poem tells of the...
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