Journeys End Cat Notes

Topics: Woods, Trigraph, Sleater-Kinney Pages: 4 (1824 words) Published: April 26, 2013
In smll scldd vllge in nrthrn englnd yong grl lvd wth her prnts in lrge rd brck hose. Bhnd the hose wre crs of woods nd fields, one of thse ws n old frm tht stood btween the woods nd commercil frmlnd. She wold oftn go into the woods bhind her hose to hlp McBrin, the old frmr tht rn the old frm bhind the woods. One cld wintrs nght fter workng hrd on the frm the yong grl trvled into the drk sclded woods ll lne. ‘Jsmine!’ voice scremed frm smewhre in the vst woods rond her. Jsmne flcked her hed rond rpidly to try nd fnd the sorce of the shrp, piercng cll. fter whle she pt it dwn to her overrectng imgintion nd the wnds tht hwld throgh the snster trees. She crried on wlking bt drk loomng fgre on the edge of the woods, the fgre ws ndr the only wrking street lght on the strt, whch ws nsl s it ws nrmlly the brghtst strt in the vllge. She ctisly pprochd it ssmng it ws nthr vllger,s she gt clser she ntcd it ws wring lrge wde brm trlby style ht nd lng jcket, chll slwly strtd to clmb p hr bck . ‘’ello’ she ttmptd to chirp confdntly bt her voice wvred slghtly s she wlkd pst. Stllnss, she flt it bhind her. She trnd bck nd ntced tht the fgre hdn’t mvd t ll. ‘Hello?’ she rpeted feelng worry chll her to her bnes. ndr the brm of the strngrs ht Jsmine sw twsted, crookd, scrred smle nd glnt of mtl bfore it ll wnt blck./Srh wke in cold swet, the moon csng shrp blde of lght to fll on her fce. She slwly plcd her feet on the cld wooden grond nd thn she slwly wlked over to the wndw nd peerd ot btween the hevy vlvt crtins, ‘nsl’ she mttered, she hd clsd thm tghtly bfore she hd wnt to sleep. She lookd ot nd notcd tht the streetlghts were ll drk br 1 t the end of the street, her eyes hrt bcse of the light nd she blnked. The streetlghts wre bck on. She shrgged nd crled p into her lrge bed ftr clsing the crtins. She clsd her eyes nd drftd to sleep./‘Srh yo’ll b lte fr school’. Her mom's voice echod throgh the rd brck hose. Srh's eys opnd ‘Fine!’ Srh shotd to hr mom s she swng...
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