Journeys: Death of a Salesman and Alice in Wonderland

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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Texts may show us that the world of journeys involves unexpected detours. To what extent do the texts you have studies support this idea?

A journey is an experience an individual undergoes that affects them and changes them in one way or another. These changes happen through the unexpected detours, encounters with people or things or through hardships suffered. The changes can seem to make a small change to a person at first but over time they end up changing a person in a dramatic way.

Arthur Miller’s Death of A Salesman, 1964, shows audiences the mental decent of an ageing man at the bottom of his career as a salesman, shows how his struggles in life have lead him to feel useless and hopeless this is contrasted to Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland about a young girl discovering herself through and imaginative journey which takes place in a daydream she has. Both the texts show just how the different choices and struggles can affect a persons journey.

Death of a Salesman and Alice In Wonderland convey strongly that within every journey is hardships. Throughout Miller’s play we are shown ‘flashbacks’ into a time when his now adult sons are just teenagers. This mobile concurrency throughout the play gives us an insight on what Willy Lomans real happenings of his life before his mental state began to decline. Another struggled faced by the Loman family is their low socio-economic status and Willy finds this hard to grasp, the family struggle their whole lives with being unable to afford things or make repayments on loans because Willy wasn’t a very successful salesman. In contrast Caroll’s main character Alice is only a young girl and she is of a very high socio-economic status. Alice is on journey to find who she really is and this along with her feeling of being lost and her confusion with the new world she is lost in.

134Though the journeys are quite different the feeling of being lost is common in both the main characters, Willy and Alice are...
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