Journeys Comparative Essay- Into the Wild(Film)/1984(Novel)

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  • Topic: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Love, George Orwell
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  • Published : August 30, 2008
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Q: We compare texts because by looking at one it casts light on the other. How has the study of your two texts in journeys been furthered in this way?

Journeys allow us to encounter transitions from place to place whether it is physical, mental or emotional. Comparative texts cast light on one another; likewise through examining the journeys that protagonists undertake within texts, our understanding of journeys as responders are also furthered. Sean Penn’s 2007 film Into the Wild (ITW) and George Orwell’s 1948 novel 1984, albeit different in terms of form and expression, both explore the concept of Journey. Orwell uses dystopian expressions to capture the tribulation of Journey through Winston Smith, whereas Penn through his pragmatic film techniques presents Christopher McCandless. Both texts present a physical and mentally engaging journey where widely accepted societal norms deviate from the characters’ inner beliefs & values. The milieus of both texts play a significant role in expressing the journey, as seen in ITW’s 90s backdrop of a rapidly growing American consumerist driven society. Conversely Orwell demonstrates the political fears of the 40s through his interpretation of the future as a global totalitarian dystopia. Through an examination of common ideas from both texts such as truth and relationships, the audience gain a clearer understanding of the physical journey and also step into the mental and spiritual aspect that both protagonists face. In 1984, Winston’s expresses his discontent for the totalitarian society which he struggles to dwell in, “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER.” It’s his conscious choice to express his discontent which enables him to undermine the ‘Party’ through acts which are considered rebellious. Similarly, Chris expresses his discontent and thirst for change. He rejects and escapes the blandness of the consumerist society and detaches himself of materialistic desires, “rather than love, money, faith, fame, fairness…give me truth.”...
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