Topics: Melina Marchetta, Life, Suicide Pages: 2 (959 words) Published: April 7, 2013
More than anything, journeys are about the process of learning about yourself and others. Do you agree? I agree that journeys are how you learn who you are. As inner journeys are what help form the person you become through the challenges you face in life. In “The Turning” by Tim Winton and “Looking for Alibrandi” by Melina Marchetta, both of these texts have the relation of journeys and self discovery with the events that happen which effects how their life pans out. With all the pressures of school, life which the characters encounter helps them to self reflect on their life and makes them become more of responsible and better person in society, even though many factors influence their discovery along the way. Inner journeys are what happen where a person comes to face all their strengths and weaknesses which help in self discovery. In “Looking for Alibrandi”it shows an inner journey with Josie goes through many situations, obstacles and feeling to discover who she is. With at the end of the text her change as now she has different views on her life and the world around her. But before that happens she must first overcome her weakness and find her strengths. As shown through her anger and unhappiness. This is her weakness as she doesn’t like her life and has a lot of teenage angst towards everything, which brings down her energy level. This happens when she is called a ‘wog’ or ‘ethnic’. But by the end she finally accepts who she is and has a new outlook on life, realizing the real value of family. In the story “Big World” in “The Turning” it has a physical and emotional journey with the fact that the main character and his friend Biggie go on a journey and you find out at the end that he is reflecting back on past memories. With the last line stating “I don’t care what happens beyond this moment. In the hot northern dusk, the world suddenly gets big around us, so big we just give in and watch.” This shows his change in perspective as in the beginning he...
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