Journey to the Centre of the Earth

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There are a few themes in the novel, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The first theme is achieving one’s dream. Professor Lidenbrock shows that with determination, one can achieve one’s dream. So when he got an opportunity to do so in making the journey to the centre of the Earth, he seized it immediately. At the end of this novel, he successfully completed the journey. Second theme is facing challengers with perseverance and courage. Many times during the journey, the travelers faced challengers. For example, Axel wanted to turn back but the Professor and Hans persevered till Hans courageously explored the cave to look for a stream. Third theme is facing difficulties with optimism. Axel lost hope many times and wanted to give up. Fortunately, his uncle was full of optimism throughout the journey. For example, when they went through the chasm of fire, his uncle believed they were on their way back to the surface. He was right. His optimism kept them going till they completed the journey.

Moral Values
In the novel, Journey to the Centre of the earth, the moral value I have learned is we should practice co-operation, obedience and loyalty when doing work as a group. Professor Otto Lidenbrock, Axel and Hans undertook the journey to the centre of the earth. They were unsure of what they would see and the dangers they would face. To make sure they were safe, they worked together and looked after each other. Hans saved Axel when he almost fell into the pit from a tunnel. Hans made the effort to look for water to save them. He made the raft for them to sail across the sea. Axel did everything his uncle expected of him. There was co-operation, obedience and loyalty.

In the novel, Journey to the Centre of the earth, Professor Lidenbrock discovers a coded message in an ancient manuscript about a way to get into the centre of the Earth through a mountain in Iceland. After decoding the message, Lidenbrock and Axel set off to Iceland to begin...
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