Journey to the Center of the Earth

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  • Published : November 22, 2005
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Professor Von Hardwigg, a fifty-five year old German chemist, philosopher, and mineralogist comes across a parchment written by Arne Saknissemm, telling where to find the entrance to the center of the earth. Very enthusiastic about his findings he immediately gathers his supplies for his journey, with his nephew Harry, who will accompany him on the voyage, and who narrates the story. They travel to Iceland because the entrance is located at Mount Sneffles, a dormant volcano. They are guided to the top by an Icelander guide named, Hans, who is very skilled and strong, and he is later asked to travel with them as their guide for a payment in return. He gladly excepts as they travel to the bottom of the volcano. As soon as the three explorers reach the bottom of the volcano, they are faced with the chose of picking one in three tunnels. Professor Hardwigg chooses a path hoping that it is the one to take them to the center of the earth and water. They soon find out they are in the wrong tunnel and turn around and find water and the way to the center of the earth. However, they soon encounter a whole other world just a few miles below the crust of the earth filled with unusual and extinct plants and animals. There is also a lake they must cross in order to make it to another island containing a cave leading to the center. Many problems arise when they are on their raft; they almost get attacked by serpents and get lost in a sea storm. The finally make it to the other side and find remains of former human life along with Arne Sakissemm's initials carved in a rock. They continue on their way into the cave and find it is blocked by a huge boulder. So they decide that the only way to get through the boulder is to blow it up with dynamite. They do so, but not only does the explosion destroy the boulder it also triggers a volcanic eruption. They get pack on their raft and let the lava take them to the top of the volcano. They make it out alive on an island...
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