Journey of Self Discovery

Topics: Perception, Sense, Mind Pages: 3 (1233 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Journey of Self Discovery

Self discovery was a process I thought I had already been through. But when faced with the question, “Who am I?” it proved to be a lot harder to put into words than one would think. I believe that I have a good sense of who I am, but translating it into words was a struggle for me. I consider myself to be a very concrete thinker. So, the translation of who I am into words tended to come out as cold and rigid. Words like brash, concrete, smart, and loyal seemed like a big “thud” on paper. At first I thought, am I really that boring and cold? Which then brings to question, is this really who I am? The following is my best attempt to put myself into words.

I’m going to attempt to lighten up those rigid words I came up with to describe me and try to explain why I chose these words. Hopefully these explanations will bring life to them. The first word is brash and is defined as “offensively bold.” You can either like me or not. I am strong-willed individual who does not take disrespect from anyone. I can defend myself in most situations. I can most often times convince others that I am right. I know how to think critically and make sound decisions when others fail to. I believe the second and third words go together in explanation for me. The second word is concrete and when used as an adjective, is defined as, “capable of being perceived by the senses; not abstract or imaginary.” The third word is smart and, also, when used as an adjective, is defined as, “characterized by quickness and ease in learning.” I have the ability to sort through the “fluff” and get to the facts so I can make a good decision or form a strong opinion. I can make others question their own opinions or beliefs by flooding them with facts and evidence. In this way I am very persuasive and convincing. The final word is loyal. It is used to describe people of “unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause.” When it comes to those I love, I...
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